The flexibility of Huny Hunks allows it to be used in any application that you would currently use sugar or liquid honey.

Huny Hunks has combined the world’s premium honey (Canadian #1 White Honey) with all natural corn starch (Maltodextrin). Our honey comes from the pristine fields and valleys of Canadas' wild rose country - Alberta.


Using Huny Hunks will result in moister, better tasting baking.

We are thrilled to have Mr. Jim Desjardins as our baking adviser. Jim owns Family Oven Baker and consults many renowned corporations. Each month Jim will provide a tantalizing new recipe using Huny Hunks.

Meat Preparations

Huny Hunks can be used to enhance a variety of prepared meats. Huny Hunks reduces shrinkage in meat, results in intense flavoring, and a more vibrant hue to the end product. Huny Hunks also acts as a natural anti-oxidant therefore reducing the need for artificial preservatives.

In Your Favourite Beverages

Adding honey to your coffee or tea can be a messy proposition. Not with Huny Hunks, our dried product allows everyone to experience the smooth rich taste of honey without the sticky mess. Huny Hunks will enrich the taste of all your favourite beverages.

Try Huny Hunks; you're in for a treat!


1 tsp
11 CAL
0 g
3 g
3 g
0 g
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