Huny Hunks is sweeter than regular clover honey. In a recent study, both organic and conventional Huny Hunks had a 95.46% index of sweetness compared to regular clover honey which had an index of 90%.


If you look at the cost of most alternative sweeteners, the cost per pound is in the twenty to twenty-five dollar range (sold mostly in fifty and 100g containers). Also consider that conventional honey is approximately 17% water compared to the 3% found in Huny Hunks. When you buy Huny Hunks you are getting that amazing honey taste without paying for all that water.


Huny Hunks is the only dried honey product that is certified organic and kosher. Other alternative sweeteners on the market contain the following chemicals:

  • Cyclamates
    Cyclamates were used as an artificial sweetener until 1970 when it was banned for use in the USA by the Food and Drug Administration. Cyclamates were banned due to concerns over whether or not it acted as a carcinogen. It is still currently used in many artificial sweeteners outside of the USA. For more information please read the following article. Cyclamates go on sale despite testicle atrophy evidence.
  • Aspartame
    Aspartame has been reported to have side effects varying from severe headaches to gastrointestinal upset. Some of these symptoms could be attributed to the free floating methanol made available to the human body when ingested. Related article: Could There Be Evils Lurking in Aspartame Consumption?
  • Sorbitol
    Studies have shown sorbitol causes gastrointestinal upset ranging from mild to severe. Because it is not digested by the body it can cause bloating and diarrhea. Children are at a particular risk for the range of stomach issues caused by sorbitol. Related article: Recommendation for warning label on products containing sorbitol.


1 tsp
11 CAL
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3 g
3 g
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