History of Honey - "As Old As Time As New As Today"

Bees have been producing honey for millions of years. Honey was our first and only sweet, until we learned to manufacture sugar (many medical officials state that if refined sugar were invented today, it would be banned as a poison). Across time and culture honey has been used to make life a little sweeter. Honey has been used as an offering to the Gods, a way of preserving & preparing foods, and for medicinal purposes. Today Honey is used in a variety of ways while its health benefits and nutritional value are being rediscovered.

Honey Facts

  • Honey has over two dozen beneficial natural sugars
  • Honey is easily digestible and provides immediate available calories
  • Studies have shown Honey to be successful in treating various gastrointestinal disorder’ s (Salem (1981) and Haffejee and Moosa (1985))
  • Honey is anti-bacterial and has a sterilizing effect when applied topically.

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